Bronze reliefs

Limited edition improvisational bronze reliefs. Sculpted from cranked clay then cast into bronze using a ceramic shell lost wax process. Chemically patinated by McKinney Fine Art Foundry. Eye I Captain, Tyranny of the Square and Slingshot can be hung either of the two ways shown offering a radical change of perspective and interpretation. Photographs by Sundance Photography.


Stream of consciousness driven free standing and wall mounted sculptures founded in and fed by a materials based practice with primary emphasis on heat formed steel. Ambiguous combinations of organic and industrial forms explore themes of states of mind, relationships, memory and the subconscious in material form.


Responding to the requirements of clients, my sculptural commissions tend to be representationally pictorial in nature, made to plans designed in advance. Although the making process is distinctly different from the automatic nature of my fine art work they do share the same materials based language of pattern and abstracted fluidity of line.


Limited edition digital prints of improvisational ink drawings.