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Penguin weathervane design cleanup

Penguin weathervane cleaned up designI’ve been considering the technical challenges of fabricating the penguin weathervane. Although it was clear that the best approach would be to laser-cut the design from brass or copper sheet, I needed to work out the best way of setting the coloured glass panels into the structure.

After discussing the issue, I felt the best approach would be to cut a 4mm central brass sheet rebated by 4mm around the glass panels, which would themselves be oversized by approximately 3mm. On each side of the brass sheet, additional fish and penguin laser-cut 1mm copper panels will be used to retain the glass. The three layers will be held together with brass leather screws and the glass panels silicone bonded.

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Penguin weathervane design

Penguin weathervane designI’ve been asked by some lovely people to design and make a penguin weathervane for their barn roof. Their house has been in the family for several generations and the new weathervane will replace one that went missing, at some unremembered point in family history.

After mulling the design over for a while I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t want to present a stereotypical standing penguin; to me, it just didn’t seem to capture the essential ‘penguiness’ of a penguin. Instead I felt I should investigate the possibility of depicting the penguin in its true element, as a streamlined underwater hunter.

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Current project – Top secret!

Top Secret stampSince last summer I have been working on a ‘top secret’ project with Raven Armoury and The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation. I can’t say what the project involves but hopefully it will be finished this summer when all will be revealed!

Raven Armoury has previously produced The Children of the Hydra an authorised limited edition of seven miniature bronze skeletons based on Ray Harryhausen’s original artwork as seen in the classic 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts.

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Holt Festival Art Prize 2014

Eye I CaptainI’m so excited. I’ve just found out that my latest bronze wall piece Eye I Captain has been short-listed for the Holt Festival Art Prize 2014.

Thanks to Raven Armoury, McKinney Fine Art FoundrySundance Photography for their valued help with this project.

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